Do you want to experience the Holy Spirit? Listen to the good desires you have. Listen and obey and you will experience God in every aspect of your life. We really do not need God to speak to us, show us miracles, do signs and wonders, or anything else He has done to show humans that He is God. Because we can see from history humans still did not follow Him even after experiencing Him in these ways. We abide in Christ and Christ abides in us; therefore, we experience God in a completely different way than from what we read of in the Old Testament. We now have a connection to God in our rational part. He now guides us through knowing the truth and teaching us how to discern each situation to do what is right. We are able to mature and not be garrisoned around by laws; rather, because of our relationship with God we are able to live a life of righteousness by using the renewed mind we have, through which we truly can understand what God’s desirous will is in any situation. This is experiencing the Holy Spirit.  

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