The leading of the Holy Spirit comes by the desires He gives us to do the will of God in our lives. This is not done in ignorance, which means we need to use the new mind we have in Christ and decern what direction He is leading us through identifying His desires and following them. We do not use law to do this, for one who is living by law is acting like a child and will not understand the leading of the Holy Spirit. Don’t take those desires you have to do what is right lightly. It is the Holy Spirit expressing to you His desires for your life and how you are to live it out in a way that glorifies God. This type of leading has a far greater impact on our lives than words or anything we may see, because it directly impacts us at our very core. Let us use what God has given us, see things as they really are, know what God’s will is for us, and discern each situation in our lives so that we are led by the Holy Spirit.  

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