Understanding that the Holy Spirit impacts our desires is important because He has no need to speak to us or to show us signs and wonders. He influences us far greater than any of those could do. He indwells us and just like our flesh or our emotions, He gives us desires. We need to take the time to learn to recognize these desires and follow them. Therefore, experiencing the Holy Spirit is not an emotional thing. The hairs on the back of our neck do not stand up, we do not get goose bumps, we are not put in a trance, or made to laugh uncontrollably, or speak in gibberish (some try to pass this off as speaking in tongues); rather, it is by using the new mind we have in Christ and training our senses to discern the difference between the desires we get so that we determine what is proper and what is wrong, knowing that ultimately the desire to do what is right is coming from God and is a direct result of fellowshipping with Him. So the next time you have a desire to do what is right, that is the Holy Spirit communicating with you.  

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