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Defining Thankfulness

Thankfulness is an attitude by which we express our appreciated for what we receive from others.  

The Blindness of Israel

The Mystery of the Blindness of Israel is that the Gentiles are now being reconciled to God because of her unbelief. However, this blindness will only last until the fulness of the...

Do You Love Me

Are we loving God? Are we willing to sacrifice for the benefit of other saints, or are we just fond of God and really want to take care of ourselves? Not all of us will be pastors,...


We, of the Church, have a higher standard by which we live. We live by grace, out from faith. The grace of God brought us the sending away of our sins, not just covering them up. B...

The Church in Heaven

And circling the throne, twenty-four thrones. And upon the twenty-four thrones elders were seated, clothed1 with white garments and golden crowns2 upon their heads. Revelation 4:4

Now I rejoice in the suffering concerning you and making up the things lacking of the affliction of the Christ in my flesh concerning His body, which is the assembly, Colossians 1:...

Love Is Not Puffed Up

Love has no need to make itself appear to be bigger than it really is. Even the smallest act of love is far greater than any act from our flesh. Let love just simply be love.  

Love Does Not Brag

Let us love out from seeing things as they truly are. Not a worldly type of love that brags about its accomplishments, but true love that seeks the best for the one loved by follow...

Love is not Jealous

Jealousy is wanting what another person has. It is not just being resentful or angry of another’s good fortune or achievements, but a strong desire to possess them. Unlike zeal, wh...

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